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In Philadelphia, Science & Faith Conference Will Explore Human Origins

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Does modern biology support or undercut human uniqueness? Are the latest discoveries from brain research compatible with personal responsibility? We invite you to explore these questions and more at the third annual Westminster Conference on Science & Faith in greater Philadelphia on April 14, 2012. This year’s conference is a rare opportunity to explore the science behind the study of human origins and human dignity. There is one week left to sign up for early-bird registration and receive a discounted rate, so register now! The final deadline to register is April 6, but tickets are selling fast.
Plus, sign up for the FREE Pre-Conference Forum (April 13th, 7:00pm) — “Science, the Bible, and Adam and Eve: Two Views” — for an engaging conversation on Adam and Eve between Dr. Jack Collins, author of Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?, and Dr. Denis Lamoureux, author of I Love Jesus and I Accept Evolution.
Dr. Richard Sternberg of Biologic Insitute will present research on genetics as evidence of human uniqueness, while Dr. Ann Gauger, also of Biologic Institute, will speak on population genetics as it relates to human origins. Wesley J. Smith, Senior Fellow of the Center on Human Exceptionalism at Discovery Institute and author of the blog Secondhand Smoke, will speak on issues related to bioethics. Other speakers from Discovery Institute will include Dr. Ray Bohlin, Dr. John West, and Dr. Jack Collins.
For more information, visit www.ScienceandGod.org.

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