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We’ve Got 2,262 Signatures on Our Petition Defending Ben Carson. We Need You to Sign Now!

David Klinghoffer


At last count we had 2,262 signature on our petition calling on Emory University to reaffirm the right of Commencement speaker Dr. Ben Carson to hold a dissenting view on Darwinian evolution. In a published letter to the student newspaper bearing just 500 signatures, professors, staff and students have misrepresented Dr. Carson’s position on the scientific and moral issues raised in the evolution debate.
Whether from willfulness or just sloppy self-righteousness, they have ended up smearing their own Commencement speaker. This is yet another instance of academic bullying by Darwin advocates, and it has received national attention in the media. Yet Emory University still has not responded with a statement affirming academic freedom.
Dr. Carson will also receive on honorary degree. Some honor!
We’re delighted to have those two-thousand plus signers on our side and we’ll be delivering the petition to Emory’s president, James W. Wagner, by Monday morning, which is Commencement day at Emory. This is your chance to make a difference in the fight for academic freedom. Please take a moment and sign now! Tell your friends and email lists to do likewise!
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