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Here It Is, Jonathan M.’s Review of Why Evolution Is True

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Our Jonathan M. has been reviewing Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True in a seven-part series. He has now concluded. Why this attention, at such length, and when Jonathan Wells reviewed the book for us already when it came out in 2009?
We went to this trouble for a couple of reasons. First, Coyne, it appears, seeks to be the American Dawkins and his currency has risen considerably in the past few years. (Would this, it occurs to us, make Larry Moran a viable contender as the Canadian Dawkins?) Also the book, at least in its title, claims to really tackle the evolution question head-on. Where else would a reader look for evidence that “evolution is true”? Yet if it truly represents the main force of that evidence, the best they’ve got, it’s pretty underwhelming. Did we think Coyne would answer our criticisms this time around? No, like the real Dawkins, he’s not really in the habit of engaging serious challenges.
So for your convenience, anyway, here in one convenient place are links to Jonathan’s review, presented sequentially and with links. If you haven’t read it yet, by all means do so.


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