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Every Day Is Earth Day in North Korea

Happy Earth Day!
There are now 43 biodegradable candles on the middle-aged annual celebration’s soy based, carob frosted birthday “cake.” And the party has a theme. The Washington Post says the focus of this year’s Earth Day should be climate change.
At ENV we take no official position on climate change, but we don’t mind saying that the climate change debate can provide material for a good exercise in critical thinking in public school earth science or biology class. Maybe even physics class. Why physics? Well, there is an important link between Earth Day and climate change: energy.
In a brief interview with the New York Times touching on low flow showerheads, transportation, and federal incentives for energy innovation, the Department of Energy’s Steven Chu said:
“Every day has to be Earth Day.”
Isn’t that the premise of NBC’s civilization reboot show Revolution?
Outside of fiction, has the idea been tested in real life? Indeed it has. Here’s an aerial shot of one such test in progress.
North Korea.jpg
In the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), every day is Earth Day. That lone bright dot in the sea of dark is neither electric light nor rocket exhaust. That’s Dennis Rodman.
Enjoy your “cake.”