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Dean Koontz on Stephen Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt: “Writes Beautifully,” “Marshals Complex Information as Well as Any Writer I’ve Read”

David Klinghoffer

Having been interrupted by Stephen King’s unexpected endorsement of intelligent design, I turn now to his bestselling colleague Dean Koontz. For Mr. Koontz’s own thoughts on ID, you need to read his 2009 novel Breathless. About Darwin’s Doubt, Mr. Koontz says this:

Meyer writes beautifully. He marshals complex information as well as any writer I’ve read and far better than most. This book — and his body of work — challenges scientism with real science and excites in me the hope that the origin of life debate will soon be largely free of the ideology that has long colored it.

Of course, in the debate about intelligent design, it’s the science that really matters; but it’s good to have my own evaluation confirmed that Darwin’s Doubt is also a piece of extremely effective science writing. Again, as with Stephen King, you really have to hand it to Koontz for coming out this boldly.
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