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Hedin Witness #3: "This Course Made Me a Better Learner"

Joshua Youngkin

Hedin_Eric.jpgLast week, the Huffington Post reported that, "Ball State University Bans Teaching Intelligent Design In Science Classes."

Before the ban, before the investigative committee, people wrote private letters and emails to Ball State University (BSU) president Jo Ann Gora. Thanks to public records requests, we learned that some of these writers were Dr. Hedin’s students, the only testifiers able to say what actually happens in class.

One student wrote that, "The sole content of [Dr. Hedin’s] lectures involved the life cycle of stellar bodies and the Big Bang theory." Another student testified that, "These conversations were fascinating, engaging, and challenging in the best of ways," adding that, "I’m an agnostic and I find absolutely nothing wrong with his teachings." A third student, quoted fully below, testified that, "This course made me a better learner."

Hedin Witness #3:

While learning about scientific concepts such as quantum mechanics, black holes, the formation of stars, and other topics, Dr. Hedin’s instruction challenged me in a way that my other university classes did not. This course made me a better learner. It allowed me to become much more competent in these complex scientific areas of study and prompted me to become an individual who is committed to learning more about these topics in my own time. At times, in the classroom, students would pose questions which were related to spiritual concepts, but Dr. Hedin merely facilitated discussion giving EVERY single student an opportunity to provide input. Furthermore, Dr. Hedin goes above and beyond the actions of a typical college educator. Dr. Hedin … truly cares for students. He shows genuine concern for each student and his or her learning. It is disappointing to see an excellent professor such as Dr. Hedin attacked by individuals who have not sat under his pedagogy, which is, in reality, enriching, scientific, and really enjoyable. [Emphasis added.]

Remember: this is the course and teaching that BSU banned.

For those keeping score at home, that’s now three eye-and-ear witnesses for Dr. Hedin to BSU’s zero. Two is company. Three is a crowd. Is BSU waiting for this crowd of witnesses to get bigger and angrier before it lifts its ban?

Joshua Youngkin

An attorney, and previously, Discovery Institute Program Officer in Public Policy and Legal Affairs.



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