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Meet the “Unknown Scientist”

Donald McLaughlin

In contrast to the negative reviews of Steve Meyer’s latest book Darwin’s Doubt by reviewers who never actually read the book, we now have (or soon will have) a negative review by the Unknown Scientist. Over at The Panda’s Thumb, Richard Hoppe blogs “The most ambitious effort is on Smilodon’s Retreat, the blog of an anonymous scientist. The reviewer is slogging through the book section by section. Eight posts are up and we’re just into Chapter 1 (of 20). Go there, read, comment, and cheer the reviewer on.” What Hoppe leaves out of his post is that “Smildon” is also a self described atheist and skeptic. He claims he’s going to be “scrupulously fair” in reviewing the book:

The second part is that I fully intend to (somehow) acquire the references (if any) used by Meyer. I’ll review them to see if Meyer reports them accurately and if the same conclusion is drawn. It’s not that I don’t trust Meyer… well… OK… it’s that I don’t trust Meyer. The people from the Discovery Institute are consummate charlatans.
I’ll be perfectly honest, there isn’t anything in this book that shows evolution is wrong or that ID has any supporting evidence. If there was, they would publish and then they wouldn’t shut up about it. This is just a book to lead the lay-person to the conclusion that science can’t explain everything.
I may sound biased, and I am, a bit. The DI doesn’t do science. Meyer doesn’t do science. Behe has tried to redefine science. Dembski doesn’t do science. How can one refute science when one does not do science?
That all being said, I will try my best to be scrupulously fair. I will let you, my readers, decide if I’m being fair or biased.
– See more at: http://www.skepticink.com/smilodonsretreat/2013/07/09/darwins-doubt-a-review/#sthash.iAvBjCUf.dpuf

Since he begins by admitting he doesn’t trust Meyer and that anyone connected to the Discovery Institute is a “consummate charlatan”, and admits to his bias, one wonders what his definition of “scrupulously fair” is.
I can’t help but compare this Unknown Scientist to the well-known “Unknown Comic” from the 1980’s. I can picture “Smildon”, sitting in his armchair, bag over his head, reciting his “scrupulously fair” review of Darwin’s Doubt.

Donald McLaughlin

Donald McLaughlin joined Discovery Institute in August 2013 as a Development Officer and Regional Representative in the upper Midwest and Northeast regions. He currently serves as Faith Community Outreach Representative. Donald previously served 8 years as a Regional Director of Advancement for Prison Fellowship Ministries, 2 years as National Director of Major Gifts for Teen Mania Ministries and 5 years as Regional Director of Advancement for Taylor University.



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