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“Censor of the Year” Jerry Coyne Wants a Poster of Himself. He Read Our Minds.

David Klinghoffer

Our 2014 “Censor of the Year” Jerry Coyne writes about how he’s eager to know what he’ll get as a prize. As I’ve already indicated, being recognized as a bully doesn’t merit a prize conveying anything like honor, yet we couldn’t let this go totally unmarked by ceremony. Coyne:

I hope the prize includes money: it’s cassoulet season and I’m hankering for a good French meal. If not that, then I’d really like a copy of the poster shown above.

He read our minds. In the photo series below, our colleague Jens Jorgensen demonstrates a proper rolling technique with said poster. We found the tube in a forgotten corner of the mailroom. We walked it up to the FedEx location on 3rd Avenue, for delivery on Darwin Day Academic Freedom Day. Regarding the cassoulet, we tried getting it in the tube as well, but the beans kept falling out. Coyne will pardon the earthy aroma.
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