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Coming Attraction: Biochemist Michael Denton and Privileged Species

David Klinghoffer

We’re delighted to present the trailer for an upcoming documentary, Privileged Species, focusing on the work and ideas of Center for Science & Culture senior fellow Michael Denton. It couldn’t more timely.

200x200cosmos.jpgThe rebooted Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, a slick and charming vehicle for materialism if there ever was one, hammers away each week at the message that there’s nothing special about our planet or its place in the cosmos, and certainly nothing special or privileged about our species. Think again, Dr. Tyson.

In his books Evolution: A Theory in Crisis and Nature’s Destiny, Dr. Denton has argued with a remarkable power and clarity that in fact life gives direct evidence of purpose. In Privileged Species he takes his case further, showing how the Earth is designed not just for life, but specifically for the human form. "The unique fitness of the universe for carbon-based life," he says, "and for beings like ourselves, is one of the major discoveries of twentieth-century science."

The film is coming in 2014. Yeah, I’m impatient to see it too. Michael Denton is a wonderful personality in the intelligent-design community, with his own fascinating take on the science of ID. His latest research and thinking are reflected in critical review articles in the most recent issue of BIO-Complexity:

If you must have more Denton while you’re waiting, that’s the place to go. I’ll keep you updated on the timeline for the film’s release.

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