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Today at 1 PM Pacific, It’s Stephen Meyer Versus Michael Shermer on the Medved Show

David Klinghoffer

Meyer Doubt.jpg

Don’t miss what promises to be a lively exchange today at 1 pm Pacific on the Michael Medved Show. Stephen Meyer and "skeptic" Michael Shermer will go head-to-head on the question "Should Scientists Be Skeptical About Darwinian Evolution?" Hear it on the radio or online at Michael’s website.

Of course, the factual answer is that many already are, whether they should be or not. See our coverage, for example, of the recently launched website The Third Way.

Dr. Shermer is founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, an enterprise that includes SkepticBlog where Shermer published a, shall we say, over-the-top review of Dr. Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt, by paleontologist Donald Prothero ("Stephen Meyer’s Fumbling Bumbling Amateur Cambrian Follies").

Don’t miss Casey Luskin’s takedown of Prothero’s review, "Darwin Defenders Love Donald Prothero’s Ranting Review of Darwin’s Doubt," published in turn here at ENV.