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Last Day: Get William Dembski’s Being as Communion at Its Pre-Order Discount Price; Offer Ends at Midnight Tuesday

David Klinghoffer


If you’re like me, with a tendency to overindulgence in book-buying matched with a need to live within your family’s budget, you’ll be familiar with the arts of getting the best price on a book that you want. You know the drill: comparing prices on Amazon for a used or new copy, crosschecking at eBay, facing the heart-sinking dread that you may have to be satisfied with putting your name on a waiting list to check it out of the public library, etc.

Well, when it comes to William Dembski’s new book, out this fall, I can save you some trouble. The best price you can get now on Being as Communion: A Metaphysics of Information isn’t at Amazon ($31.46 plus shipping) or anywhere else. It’s at the book’s own website, where for one last day you can pre-order for $22.95 including free shipping. That’s compared to the suggested retail price of $34.95.

Dr. Dembski’s argument that information underlies matter, not the other way around, is the next big thing in intelligent design theory. To get your copy of Being as Communion, do you really want to pay the "I’m still thinking about it" premium? Of course not. So go here now.

The offer ends at midnight tonight, Tuesday, September 30. After that you’ll be paying retail — which, as we’ve stressed already, friends do not let their friends do!