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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Here’s How to Say "Thank You" to Your Friends at Evolution News and Views

Kelley J. Unger


Photo: Editorial staff of Evolution News and Views breaks for lunch at offices of Discovery Institute, Seattle.

Somewhere right now a student is looking for top-notch resources to balance what she is learning in her science class about the evolution controversy. There’s an excellent chance she’ll land on our front step, searching the archive of continuously updated reporting at the Center for Science and Culture’s flagship site, Evolution News and Views (ENV).

ENV is the daily voice of the intelligent-design movement. It’s easy to take for granted everything it requires to keep the public — including you! — up to date about research on ID and the debate over Darwinian theory.

ENV articles form the basis of our Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as our three e-communications: the weekly Nota Bene, and our monthly Faith and Science Update and Academic Freedom Update. ENV posts become podcasts at ID the Future. All this integrated communication requires staffing and infrastructure. From the top ID scientists and scholars, to the writers and editors, and our colleagues with their technical expertise who maintain the website, great time and effort goes into keeping our online presence timely and incisive.

In 2013, ENV had more than 700,000 unique visitors. This year, we are on track to receive more than 900,000 unique visitors. That’s a lot of people who are benefitting from our daily coverage, from writers including Stephen Meyer, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, Casey Luskin, Ann Gauger, Paul Nelson, Jay Richards, John West, Michael Egnor, David Klinghoffer, and more.

Donate Graphic.jpg

Now think about this . . . If just 1 percent of these visitors over the last two years had given $100 each year, we could have raised $1.6 million. That would go a long way in supporting the staff, fellows, and systems needed to produce our news site.

Not everyone can give $100, but there are many who can give $10 or more. Even a gift of $10 from 15 percent of our readership in 2014 would provide $1.3 million to keep this valuable resource going. Every gift helps!

Looking forward to 2015, we want to continue to expand Evolution News and Views. Please consider showing your thankfulness by giving a donation of $10 or more this month.

Kelley Unger

Mrs. Unger directs the Center's new small donor initiative, oversees the grant proposal and reporting process, and manages development-related events and data. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. She came to the Center in 2006 after 11 years at Seattle Pacific University, where she was most recently the Program and Budget Manager for the School of Psychology. She managed the program development and accreditation processes for three graduate programs and the undergraduate psychology programs. In addition, she managed a budget of over three million dollars.