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Well, Well, It’s Day Four of Our Twelve Days of Discounts! Time to Save 50 Percent on The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos!


It’s time to take advantage of today’s discount. It’s Day Four, so go here, and enter the code EZ29FV2Z for your savings of 50 percent off! CreateSpace is an Amazon company but you’ll need to create a new CreateSpace account.
4.Cosmos.jpgToday’s offering: The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos: Fact and Fiction in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Landmark Science Series, available at half off the list price of $15.95 for just 24 hours!
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s reboot of the classic TV series Cosmos struck a chord with viewers, garnered 12 Emmy Award nominations, and is headed straight into schools as a science teacher’s instructional aid. It’s also an agenda-driven vehicle for scientific materialism, casting religion as arch foe of the search for truth about nature and pressing its message that human beings occupy no special place in the universe.
In The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos, contributors Casey Luskin, Jay W. Richards, Douglas Ell, and David Klinghoffer dissect each episode of the series and explain where Tyson veers from objective science to science-flavored, fact-challenged preaching. Students, parents, and teachers will find this lively compendium a useful counterpoint.
Editor David Klinghoffer is a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute and the editor of Evolution News & Views. With former Senator Joseph Lieberman, he is co-author most recently of The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath.

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