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Eureka! For 24 Hours Only You Can Get The Deniable Darwin by the Incomparable David Berlinski at 35 Percent Off!

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Finally, at last, it’s here: the Eighth Day of our Twelve Days of Discounts! Remember, the day’s discount lasts for just 24 hours, until 6 pm on Friday. Go here and enter the code EZ29FV2Z for your savings of 35 percent off list price.

8.DeniableDarwin.jpgWhat will you get for your trouble? Why, The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays, by the incomparable David Berlinski.

When it comes to some of life’s most profound questions — the origins of life, of matter, of the universe itself — does modern science already have everything all figured out? Many scientists would like us to think they are mere steps away from solving all the deep enigmas of physical existence.

Consummate skeptic Dr. Berlinski demonstrates that all such confidence is at best a bluff. In essays about evolution, cosmology, and more, with his characteristic brilliance and wit, Berlinski shows how in the dark today’s scientists really are. The Deniable Darwin frees us from the superstition of preening scientism and illuminates the path to a renewal of real science.

A substantial book at 557 pages, The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays (Discovery Institute Press) carries a list price of $29.95 but for one day only you’ll get it for $19.47!

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