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What Do You Know? It’s Day Five of Our Twelve Days of Discounts! Save 20 Percent on Metamorphosis: A Companion Book to the Film!


Our 12 Days of Discounts continues — and remember the day’s savings last for just 24 hours, until 6 pm on Tuesday. It’s Day Five, so go here, and enter the code EZ29FV2Z for your savings of 20 percent off! Don’t forget, CreateSpace is an Amazon company but you’ll need to create a new CreateSpace account.

5.Metamorphosis-book.jpgOur offering of the day? Metamorphosis: A Companion Book to the Film, edited by David Klinghoffer, includes essays exploring both the science and artistry of butterflies, how butterflies challenge Darwinian evolution, and how they point toward intelligent design.

A companion to the Illustra Media documentary of the same name, this 94-page book includes more than twenty stunning full-color photos (many taken during the production of the film) and is introduced by a special message from best-selling novelist Dean Koontz. The film itself is so fantastic that we found viewers wanted more information — hence the companion book from Discovery Institute Press.

Contributing authors include David Klinghoffer, philosopher of biology Paul Nelson, biologist Ann Gauger, historian Michael Flannery, lepidopterist Bernard d’Abrera, and literary scholar Jonathan Witt. The book carries a list price of $24.95 but today only you’ll get it for $19.96.

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