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At Last, Michael Medved Is Back on the Air — and Profiled in the Seattle Times

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It’s a huge relief to report that our friend the radio commentator Michael Medved is back on the air, following a bout of throat cancer that silenced him for two months. Nicole Brodeur has a very nice profile in the Seattle Times, “Michael Medved: Beating cancer ‘will inform everything I talk about from here on out.’

Sometimes the most life-changing events come out of the most ordinary moments.
And so it was when Michael Medved, a nationally syndicated, conservative radio host, was getting his teeth cleaned last December.
The dental hygienist noticed a lump in the back of his throat. The dentist took a look and thought it might be a swollen lymph gland.
Chances are, it’s nothing, he told Medved. But go see an ear, nose and throat guy.
“You have cancer,” the doctor told Medved. The student burst into tears.
And Medved, 66, a respected voice of conservative America was, quite suddenly, speechless.
“It was so out of the blue,” Medved said the other day of his stage 3 throat cancer.
After four months of almost daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy treatments, he is cancer-free and — as of April 21 — back on the air at Seattle’s KTTH 770-AM, where his weekday show is broadcast. Medved is syndicated through the Salem Radio Network and reaches almost 5 million listeners a week.

Michael probably understands intelligent design as well as anyone else in the media, as you may recall from the numerous interviews he’s done with leading figures in the ID movement. More important, he’s a noble human being and dear friend.
Above are some of the get well cards he received while he was out. Thank goodness he is back.

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