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Travels with Stephen Meyer: Letter from Minneapolis

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I’m in Minneapolis, MN, today with Stephen Meyer who spoke to an enthusiastic gathering of about 350 people here this morning. The breakfast event, Straight Talk, was sponsored by Search Ministries, led by former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Jeff Siemon.

The group, mainly local business and organization leaders, came to hear Meyer address issues of science and faith, focusing on how the evidence of cosmology and biology point away from a materialist account of our origins and to the need for an intelligent cause behind nature.

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Dr. Meyer briefly recounted some of the highlights of the history of science, explaining how around the end of the 19th century, bolstered by Darwin’s theory of evolution, the assumption of materialism began to replace that of theism. He went on to explain how current findings in cosmology, such as cosmic fine-tuning, and the information encoded in biological structures, have begun to erode materialist thinking, revealing intelligent causation as a compelling scientific hypothesis once more. He included personal stories and a dash of good humor that kept the crowd fully engaged throughout.

Following the main presentation, a large majority of the audience stayed for an extended and lively Q&A. These folks were eager to learn more about intelligent design. I was glad to see that all the copies of Meyer’s two books sold out. Many purchased both books at once.

It’s good to report that support for ID is alive and well in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!