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When It Comes to a Humpback Breaching, "The Language Fails"

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The Northwest premiere of the new Illustra Media documentary Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth is coming up August 7 in Seattle. Don’t forget to register for this one.
Want a little taste of what’s in store? Click on the image above to watch a brief excerpt from the segment on whales. As Discovery Institute’s Paul Nelson comments, “The language fails” in trying to describe the awesome beauty of a humpback breaching, the length of a city bus and leaping from the water into the air.
You can tell imaginative stories about how such a thing might have evolved without guidance or intent, but then you see the exultant, majestic result and you think: That is art. A whale is art.
We hope to see you on August 7 at McCaw Hall. More information — time, place, registration — is here.

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