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“Did Charles Darwin Start Discovery Institute?”

David Klinghoffer

I showed our new short documentary, The Information Enigma, to my kids last night. It prompted a surprise question from my younger daughter — “Did Charles Darwin start Discovery Institute?” No, I said, Bruce Chapman and George Gilder did. Why did she ask? She explained, “Because you’re always talking about him.”

I got a smile out of that. In fairness, she has not yet studied biology. But I think my daughter was also picking up on the fact that even as we propose intelligent design as an alterative to Darwinian theory, ID theorists like Stephen Meyer speak very respectfully about Darwin as a source of inspiration and insight (however ultimately mistaken).

Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt, of course, begins with a problem — the Cambrian explosion — that famously troubled Darwin himself. The Information Enigma, which we’ll be releasing here next Thursday, October 8, focuses on the Cambrian event, seeking to distill an argument for ID into just twenty minutes.

See the trailer above. Can’t wait till next week? We’re also going to be introducing a series of interviews with Dr. Meyer on the John Ankerberg Show. Part 1 is here. Ankerberg deserves kudos for taking on the subject of the Cambrian explosion at epic length. The series of interviews with Meyer will run to eight total installments, or approximately four hours of quality conversation!

In this first episode, Meyer explicates two “mysteries of the Cambrian explosion” — the “missing fossils” and “how to build an animal.” Enjoy!