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A New Book from Michael Denton Is Your Opportunity to Inspire Future Scientists

Kelley J. Unger

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With his path-breaking book Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, biologist Michael Behe is known around the world for helping to launch the intelligent design movement. But what inspired him?


Behe explains, “Through college and graduate school, I was in an atmosphere that just assumed that Darwinian evolution explained biology. I didn’t have any reason to doubt it.”

But then he read a book that changed his life, and thereby altered the history of science. The book was Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, by geneticist Michael Denton.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of its publication. Denton’s book offered a powerful critique of Darwinian evolution based on science, not religion. It helped inspire a generation of young scientists and scholars who formed what became known as the ID movement.

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We have some exciting news to share: Denton, a Senior Fellow with Discovery’s Center for Science & Culture, has been at work on a sequel, titled Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis. The book will not only update and revisit Denton’s earlier work; it also offers a stunning NEW argument showing that the Darwinian mechanism cannot explain the most important features in biology.

This is the cutting edge of the evolution debate. You will never think of biology in the same way again.

The planned publication date for the new book is approaching: January 26, 2016. But we need your help today so we can meet this deadline. We need funds to finish acquiring the illustrations, to do the layout, to do the indexing and final proofing.

Denton Evolution.jpgWhat’s more, the complex scientific arguments in this book need to make sense to everyone. To that end, we are working on multimedia projects to be released along with the book, including podcasts and video shorts with Dr. Denton, as well as a brand new documentary featuring the core argument of Denton’s book.

We seek to maximize the reach and the impact of this important new book. This is an opportunity to join with us in advancing a scientific idea that addresses the most vital questions humankind has ever faced. Will you help us in making this possible?

Donate now to make Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis a reality. Thank you for investing your own resources to inspire future scientists, and inspire the public with an incisive and accessible case for intelligent design.

Kelley Unger

Mrs. Unger directs the Center's new small donor initiative, oversees the grant proposal and reporting process, and manages development-related events and data. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. She came to the Center in 2006 after 11 years at Seattle Pacific University, where she was most recently the Program and Budget Manager for the School of Psychology. She managed the program development and accreditation processes for three graduate programs and the undergraduate psychology programs. In addition, she managed a budget of over three million dollars.



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