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Here’s How You Can Help Us Magnify Our Impact, Communicating Around the Mainstream Media

Kelley J. Unger

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Every day the media are awash with stories about new scientific discoveries, geological finds, and medical advances. And almost every day, mainstream media present these developments in ways that clearly communicate a bias toward unguided materialistic processes. Often discoveries that point to design are suppressed or misrepresented by journalists, reporters, and cultural commentators.

How can the evidence of intelligent design reach a broad audience and impact future generations if the media are so biased against the message?

Since 1996, with the support of our visionary donors, Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture (CSC) has labored diligently to provide web-based mass media to communicate through — and around — mainstream media. Our efforts include the daily news service Evolution News, the podcast ID the Future, and the web portal IntelligentDesign.org, as well as producing documentaries made available for free on YouTube and other websites.

Our work is having an impact, as evidenced by this note received recently by Casey Luskin, CSC Research Coordinator and frequent host of ID the Future:

I am just emailing you to say thank you for Discovery Institute’s work … DI has been an incredible resource to prepare me for great discussions with my friends and colleagues about what is really important in life. One of the biggest take-aways I get from your podcasts is the fact that true, intellectually honest science today is quite skeptical of Neo-Darwinism…Indeed it is the academic and media fields that are behind the times and behind in what is really happening in science. ~Mark from North Virginia

As we move into our 20th year of operation, the CSC has exciting plans to expand our Media & Communications Initiative — with the help of supporters like you.

In addition to continuing our podcasts, you can be a part of a dramatic upgrade and expansion of our flagship news site, Evolution News, making it more mobile-friendly, adding new features, and broadening its reach.

And your support will enable us to produce two new documentaries featuring biologist Michael Denton. One explores a stunning original argument against Darwinian theory; the other is a sequel to the acclaimed video Privileged Species that focuses on an aspect of human uniqueness you probably do not even think about. But once you do, it will change how you view our world.

Thank you for considering a year-end gift to make these Media & Communications projects available free to an ever-growing audience.

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Kelley Unger

Mrs. Unger directs the Center's new small donor initiative, oversees the grant proposal and reporting process, and manages development-related events and data. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Seattle Pacific University. She came to the Center in 2006 after 11 years at Seattle Pacific University, where she was most recently the Program and Budget Manager for the School of Psychology. She managed the program development and accreditation processes for three graduate programs and the undergraduate psychology programs. In addition, she managed a budget of over three million dollars.