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Berlinski and Denton: If You Could Pose One Challenge to a Thoughtful Darwinist, What Would It Be?


You can always dream. While the evolutionist side in the Darwin debate is long on rhetoric and insults, serious debate or dialogue is woefully rare. But imagine you had the opportunity to sit down with a thoughtful, honest, well-informed Darwinist and pose one question or challenge. What would it be?
I had the opportunity to pose that question to two of the most brilliant minds associated with the intelligent design community — Michael Denton and David Berlinski. Take a well-spent 15 minutes and listen to their answers — focusing respectively on the insect body plan and the enigma of whale evolution — recorded as an episode of ID the Future.

Click here to download the episode:
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Image: Fin whale skeleton, Oceanographic Museum, Monaco, by Filip Maljkovic via Wikicommons.