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Denton’s Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis, a Fresh and Powerful Challenge to Darwinism, Is Out!

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Today Discovery Institute Press releases Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis, biologist Michael Denton’s powerful sequel to his groundbreaking Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. In the new book, Denton shows how the scientific advances of the past three decades have not only vindicated his original thesis, but suggest that the time has come for a radically different understanding of biology.

Denton Evolution.jpgDenton continues to argue for the insufficiency of neo-Darwinism to explain the great divides between the different branches of the biological world. But he makes a new case for the pervasiveness of non-adaptive order and explains what that means for Darwinian evolution. His multifaceted argument against the sufficiency of the Darwinian mechanism rallies evidence from across the scientific spectrum.

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Cover with border small.jpgDenton presents a novel yet compelling vision of life on earth that modern biology has forgotten. He shows that the language of Darwinism, limited to adaptation and fitness, is bankrupt in the face of the most recent scientific knowledge. Denton shows how developments in evolutionary developmental biology and other areas suggest that Darwinian selection is past its sell-by date.

Says Professor Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Professor of Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick, “Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis is the one book that I would recommend to any student or lay person who wants to think in positive, scientific terms out of Darwin’s black box.”

Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis is being released in conjunction with a companion documentary featuring Denton titled The Biology of the Baroque: The Mystery of Non-Adaptive Order. Find out more about the book and the documentary here.

Michael Denton holds an MD from Bristol University and a PhD in biochemistry from King’s College in London. Evolution: A Theory in Crisis inspired leading intelligent design thinkers including biochemist Michael Behe.

Denton has published his work in journals such as Nature, Biochemical Journal, Nature Genetics, BioSystems, Human Genetics, Clinical Genetics, and Biology and Philosophy. He is also the author of Nature’s Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe. Denton is a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture.

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