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48 Hours to Go — Here’s How to Watch Meyer v. Krauss v. Lamoureux This Saturday at 4 PM

David Klinghoffer

Meyer Toronto.jpg

Just a reminder: Join us right here on Saturday, March 19, at Evolution News to watch what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining discussion on the theme, “What’s Behind It All? God, Science, and the Universe.” Discovery Institute’s Stephen Meyer will face off against atheist cosmologist Lawrence Krauss and theistic evolutionist Denis Lamoureux.
That’s just 48 hours away — 4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Eastern. The event will stream live from the University of Toronto’s Wycliffe College, but all you need to do is come back here to find it.
There’s much disagreement among these three pertaining to huge issues — the origins of life, of the universe, the meaning of it all — but to their credit they all agree that countervailing opinions deserve a hearing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this. I must say I’m particularly impressed by Krauss’s willingness to talk. His intellectual partner Richard Dawkins would never have the guts to do this. Remember this?

The Unbelievers was the 2013 buddy movie/documentary with Krauss and Dawkins, traveling about together, talking up atheism and granting “permission to question everything.” Yeah, very funny. One problem with Dawkins is that he’ll only interact with people who disagree with him, grant them permission to question him, if he can safely assure himself that the questioner doesn’t have the background to pose any tough challenges.
Now Krauss — that guy has some courage. Good for him.
Photo: Stephen C. Meyer, by Quy Tran.