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Yes, We’ll Live-Stream the July 13 Book Party for Douglas Axe and Undeniable!

The stars are coming into alignment for Doug Axe’s forthcoming book, Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed. The
dust-jacket blurbs are superb, including from biologists at the University of Georgia, State University of New York, California State University, and more.
We’ll share those in due time.

Axe Undeniable Cover.png
Bestselling novelist Dean Koontz praises the book, too, rightly observing that, “Great scientists are as much artists as scientists. Enchanted by the
beauty of the world, they see through ideologies to facts.”

Meanwhile the customary venomous pre-publication denunciations from Darwinists (who of course haven’t read a word of the book) are coming in, including this morning’s from University of
Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne. Infuriated by the thought that intuition can be a valid tool in science, the atheist activist bitterly decries us as “snakes.” Snakes,
no less! That’s a new one.

This was about the state of things shortly before Stephen Meyer’s important book

Darwin’s Doubt

was released. These are all good omens.

It’s going to be fun, and we’ll kick it off with a July 13 book party for Undeniable. Dr. Axe and others ID scholars will speak and describe
the contours of this newest front in the battle of ideas over evolution and intelligent design.

Are you feeling bad that you may not be able to join us that Wednesday evening here in Seattle at McCaw Hall? Well, don’t feel too bad.

We’ll be live-streaming the event. That’s right, you can watch it here via YouTube, live, starting at 7:30 pm Pacific. There’s no
substitute for being there, but that comes as close you could without leaving your home. We’ll hope to see you there, or to be seen by you, as the case may

Meanwhile, here’s a special offer.

will be published on July 12 by HarperOne, but you can pre-order on Amazon before then and participate in an exclusive, private conference call with Dr. Axe and talk-show host Michael Medved.
You’ll also receive digital versions of three complete books: Debating Darwin’s Doubt, The Unofficial Guide to Cosmos, and Science & Human Origins.

For more information on the pre-order special offer, visit the book’s website at www.undeniabledesign.com.

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