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Perfect Illustration of Why We Need Undeniable


I received this tweet from a fellow who, unless I’m misled by Google, is Assistant Professor & Program Director, Elementary Education Undergraduate Program, University of North Carolina at Charlotte:

He was responding to me here, a thumbnail summary of the thesis of Doug Axe’s new book:

You see, this is why everyone needs to read to Dr. Axe’s book, Undeniable. Axe explains how we know scientists are fallible mortals after all, and why we are entitled to have our own independent views, based on our own scientific reasoning, with regard to the ultimate question of biological origins. Axe:

No high-level function is ever accomplished without someone thinking up a special arrangement of things and circumstances for that very purpose and then putting those thoughts into action. The hallmark of all these special arrangements is high-level functional coherence, which we know comes only by insight — never by coincidence.


Having been reminded of how human scientists are, we’ve learned to let go of the utopian version of science, which never resembled real science anyway. Likewise, with the affirmation of our design intuition came the realization that scientific thinking is part of what we all naturally do….All humans are scientists, and all scientists are human.

This science educator at the University of North Carolina, however, appears to think very differently: No, we’re not entitled to such an opinion, since it cannot be valid without that having been “determined by extensive peer review in the scientific community.” Did any religious body ever insist more completely on placing blind faith in the doctors of the church?
And remember this gentleman, Professor Ian Binns, teaches future teachers how to teach young people! Wow.
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David Klinghoffer

Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News
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