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Tonight at 7:30 Pacific Time, Join Us Here as We Live-Stream Douglas Axe and the Undeniable Book Party!

David Klinghoffer


This evening we’ll head over to Seattle’s McCaw Hall to mark the publication of the important new book by Douglas Axe, Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition that Life Is Designed. The additional good news about this, already noted here, is that you can join us wherever you are via live streaming:

Dr. Axe will be speaking, introduced by luminaries in the world of ID science and scholarship. Doors open at 7 pm Pacific time, though that doesn’t apply to our remote audience, and the festivities get underway at 7:30, which of course is 10:30 pm Eastern time.

Undeniable demonstrates the scientific validity of our universal intuition that life is designed. It’s a monument in the development of the case for ID, yet a brief and remarkably accessible one, offering the tools to confirm the reality of design for yourself.

At the appointed hour, click on the YouTube link above, or simply rejoin us here at Evolution News. Please do help celebrate this achievement!