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Twenty Years Ago Today, Did This Change the Evolution Debate Forever?

John G. West

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Exactly twenty years ago, Dr. Stephen Meyer and I organized an event to publicly launch the Center for Science & Culture (CSC). The occasion was a conference at Seattle Pacific University.

Speaking at the event that day, Saturday, August 10, 1996, was one of our first Fellows, a biochemistry professor from Pennsylvania — Michael Behe. His new book, Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, had just been published.

Stephen_C_Meyer.jpgLittle did we know how this launch would change our lives, the lives of others — and the debate about evolution and intelligent design itself. It’s been quite a ride.

For starters, our Fellows faced severe discrimination for their views and ties with us. But in spite of threats, lawsuits, and the like, they did the unthinkable: They intensified their attack on Darwinist orthodoxy. The fight was on.

They made powerful scientific arguments. We disseminated them widely, including to scientists and scholars. Many who publicly embraced intelligent design soon found themselves unemployed or their reputations under attack. The stakes were raised.

Recognizing that this debate will impact the future of a free society, we defended the right to academic freedom and redefined the discussion. Even the New York Times admitted it. The debate was changed.

And the work continues and expands.

Revolutionary cover.jpegThe ideology of scientific materialism will continue to flourish if people who know better fail to stand up and be counted. You are part of us, and I appreciate you. We form a front line together against a powerful ideological machine driving our society downward.

Today, August 10, is the 20th birthday of our launch into this world-changing fight. Would you send a “happy birthday” message to Stephen Meyer and our team of Fellows by sending a gift of support?

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Will you make a contribution today to help celebrate our birthday? If you do, it will be doubled by one of our generous donors. Your financial support really counts, and I want to thank you.

Dr. West is Associate Director, Center for Science & Culture, Discovery Institute.