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Register by Wednesday to See Revolutionary as We Look Forward to the Next 20 Years of ID!

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Join us on August 12 at 7:30 in Seattle to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture! The deadline to register is next Wednesday, August 10, and we’re filling up fast.

We’ll enjoy the premiere of the new hour-long video documentary, Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines, and hear from not only the subject of the film, biochemist Dr. Behe, but other luminaries of the ID community, including Stephen Meyer, Richard Sternberg, and Douglas Axe.

See the trailer here:

The event will take place at the E.E. Bach Mainstage Theatre at Seattle Pacific University, where the Center for Science & Culture was launched in August 1996.

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ID’s future was prefigured in its intellectual roots, and we’ll be honoring both. Who would have thought twenty years ago that in such a brief time, really, the truly revolutionary case for intelligent design would become a staple in scientific and general cultural discussions? That’s in large part thanks to Michael Behe.

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What is yet to come?

Here’s a guess. As word gets out about the insuperable scientific challenges facing Darwinism, evolutionists will retreat to non-scientific speculations about Gaia, “natural magic,” impersonal sources of teleology, and the like. It’s like the retreat in cosmology to multiverse theory. Anything to evade design.

Meanwhile the design hypothesis, that treats biology as a species of engineering, will prove increasingly fruitful in understanding life and copying its innovations.

The next twenty years are likely to be even more momentous than what we’ve seen so far. Let’s talk about that. Be sure to register now and participate in the conversation.