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Axe: Cambridge U. Meeting Was a “Temperature Check”

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Having returned from two meetings in the UK — the Royal Society conference (he reflects on it here) and the “Beyond Materialism” meeting at Cambridge University — Douglas Axe sat down for a debriefing by Andrew McDiarmid with ID the Future. The Cambridge event, at Hughes Hall, was co-sponsored by Discovery Institute and our UK partners at the Centre for Intelligent Design. It marked a return for Axe to the academic setting where he did much of his early research on protein evolution.

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The two bookended meetings were an opportunity to gauge the progress ID has made not only in the U.S. but around the world. Notes Dr. Axe, author of the new book Undeniable, “I think these temperature checks give us hope that the tables are turning and that design is growing as a way of thinking and there could be a breaking point where a whole lot of people come out in favor of design.”
Photo: Douglas Axe at the “Beyond Materialism” conference, Hughes Hall, Cambridge University.

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