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Day 2 at the Royal Society: A “Knee-Jerk” Jab at Intelligent Design, Applause for “Marginalized Ideas”

David Klinghoffer

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Douglas Axe of Biologic Institute is tweeting. Regarding a presentation by Andy Gardner, University of St. Andrews, on “Anthropomorphism in evolutionary biology,” Dr. Axe reproduces Dr. Gardner’s slide (above) that compares “Darwinism” and “Intelligent Design” and depicts a cheetah in pursuit of prey.

According to the slide if you blow it up, Darwinism’s “process” is “natural selection,” while its “purpose” is “maximize fitness.” ID’s “process,” says Gardner, is “God did it” while its purpose is “???” Oh for goodness sake, what a cartoon.

Doug Axe:

Andy Gardner’s knee-jerk ID dismissal. Never mind that cheetahs r less fit than their supposed bacterial ancestors.

Regarding a presentation by Eva Jablonka, University of Tel Aviv, on “The role of epigenetic inheritance in evolution”:

Eva Jablonka calls for marginalized ideas that don’t fit classical neo-Darwinian thinking to be given their proper place. Applause erupts.

We could do without the applause. But how about letting advocates of “marginalized ideas” speak? They’re right in the room with you, folks, and no doubt delighted to say a few works if allowed.

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David Klinghoffer

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