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ID’s British Invasion Is a Hit as We Complete the “Beyond Materialism” Conference at Cambridge U.

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With star speakers including Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Paul Nelson, Ann Gauger, and Alistair Donald, the “Beyond Materialism” conference yesterday was a big success! We hosted scientists from the U.K., Sweden, Germany, and Israel before a full house at Cambridge University’s Hughes Hall.
It was a packed day following on the heels of a very busy week, highlighted by the Royal Society’s three-day “New Trends in Evolutionary Biology” conference in London.

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All of the speakers did a terrific job and the schedule was packed. Attendees were so hungry to know more about the scientific evidence for intelligent design; it was amazing. Janine Solfelt reports lots of interest at the Discovery Institute information table and thoughtful questions from the audience throughout the day.
Provocative? Yes indeed. As protein chemist Doug Axe tweeted from Cambridge: “Hopefully the doctrine of evolution is about to go the way of geosynclinal theory. It deserves to.”
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The vaunted Royal Society meeting may have been short on scientific fireworks, but “Beyond Materialism” was a hit. See here for a detailed list of subjects and speakers. That’s all for now as we are simply “shattered” (quite tired), as our British friends say! Many thanks to the Centre for Intelligent Design UK for their co-sponsorhip.

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