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Listen: Fireworks at the Royal Society?

David Klinghoffer


Before leaving for the Royal Society meeting in London (today through Wednesday), philosopher of biology Paul Nelson spoke with Discovery Institute’s Andrew McDiarmid for ID the Future about what he expects — namely, “fireworks.”

Download the episode by clicking here:


The abstracts of presentations on “New Trends in Evolutionary Biology” sound bland enough, but some big issues are in the background — particularly the “fundamental randomness” driving mutation and variation, as neo-Darwinian conceives it, largely for philosophical rather than scientific reasons. Take that away and it’s not Darwinian theory anymore.

Dr. Nelson is in attendance — actually, as it’s 7:30 pm in London now I imagine he’s enjoying a fine dinner at this moment, bon appétit — as is Biologic Institute protein chemist Douglas Axe, author of Undeniable. There may be other ID sympathizers in the audience as well. Dr. Axe is tweeting his coverage; follow him @DougAxe.

Our sometimes sparring partner Larry Moran from the University of Toronto is there and we await his acid reflections, as well. Dr. Nelson mentions the “Beyond Materialism” conference at Cambridge University on Saturday, November 12, which he promises will “more fun” than the Royal Society gathering. Dr. Moran, you are cordially invited.

Photo: Fireworks over London, by Clarence Ji [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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