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Paul Nelson Is Headed to Florida

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CSC Senior Fellow and philosopher of science Paul Nelson has several interesting events in Florida coming up, starting tomorrow. Take a look at his schedule below for information and locations.

Dr. Nelson will give an introduction and Q&A at two showings of Illustra’s newest documentary, Origin: Design, Chance and the First Life on Earth. The first will be Saturday, December 3, at First United Church of Tarpon Springs (501 E. Tarpon Ave,. Tarpon Springs, FL), starting at 7 pm. The second showing will be Monday, December 5, at the University of South Florida, Gibbons Alumni Center (4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL), also starting at 7 pm. Parking is available at the Sun Dome parking lots.

Dr. Nelson will speak at the Crossroads Church (7975 River Ridge Blvd., New Port Richey, FL), on Sunday, December 4 at 10:45 am.

Finally, the C.S. Lewis Society Coastal Holiday Luncheon will host Dr. Nelson as a special guest on Monday, December 5 at noon at the Rusty Pelican (2425 N. Rocky Point Dr., Tampa, FL) with a reception starting at 11:45 am. His topic: “Design in Focus.” There is no charge, but you can reserve a place by emailing Tom Woodward at

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