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Biologist Ann Gauger: Apoptosis (Cell Death) Is an Enigma for Darwinism


Sarah Chaffee and Discovery Institute biologist Ann Gauger have been conducting a multipart conversation about the cell (see here and here). In a new podcast episode of ID the Future, they now turn to the mystery of apoptosis — cell death.

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It’s an enigma in the light of Darwinian theory, explains Dr. Gauger. In shaping and maintaining the organism, healthy cells may in effect commit suicide, self-sacrifice, for the good of other cells and for the good of the organism. So the evolutionary formula here would not be “survival” but “suicide” of the fittest.

Where is the Darwinian logic in that? But you see, evolution doesn’t rule anything out, which is a big problem with the theory.

Image: Apoptosis, by Egelberg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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