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Join Wells, Axe, and Gauger for the Second Annual Intelligent Design Education Day, March 15 in Seattle!

David Klinghoffer

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My teenage son and his best friend attended last year’s inaugural Intelligent Design Education Day and endorsed it heartily. The whole thing was a great success, and so we are doing it again. Join us on Wednesday, March 15, in Seattle for a daylong field trip, intelligently designed for private school and home school educators and students (9th grade and up): the second annual Intelligent Design Education Day.

Really, this is a brilliant idea and was too long in coming. There’s so much misinformation out there about what teaching about ID means or doesn’t mean (thank you, mainstream media). This event lays it all out for you, with an overview of design science and presentations by three leading ID researchers: Jonathan Wells, Douglas Axe, and Ann Gauger. As a highlight, Dr. Wells will preview some of the material from his forthcoming book, Zombie Science.

The event runs from 9:45 am to 2:15 pm. There’s no admission charge, but there is an option of preordering a meal for $12 (in keeping with ID theorist William Dembski’s principle of No Free Lunch).

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We’ll talk about what Dr. Axe in his own recent book, Undeniable, calls the design intuition, about issues with the evolution of the human eye, and scientific evidence for human exceptionalism. More information is here.

Introducing your (private and home school) students to the science of ID is not beyond your reach. We’ll show you how.

And if you’re not in Seattle and traveling here isn’t practical, let us know if you’d be interested in organizing a similar event in your area. No promises, but this is something we would like to export outside the Pacific Northwest. Contact Janine Solfelt at or 206-292-0401 x108.

Photographer credit: Janine Solfelt.

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