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Countdown Begins: Summer Seminars Applications Due April 4

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Let the countdown begin. Applications for the 2017 Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design must be submitted by April 4 — that’s Tuesday of next week. The Seminars are nine days in Seattle, July 7 to 15, the most intensive academic exploration of the science of intelligent design currently available anywhere in the world.

Go here to apply. We provide scholarships, including travel, meals, and lodging, for accepted undergraduates and graduate students, based upon need. As a participant in last year’s Seminars told us:

This seminar has been one of the most amazing opportunities of my life. I am so thankful for the education I received here and for the resources Discovery provided me with to continue learning at home. While I still have a lot more work to do, the seminar did a fantastic job of opening me up to the difficult conversations and intriguing developments happening in the top levels of scientific inquiry and also provided me with the tools to begin making sense of it all.

The Seminars include two tracks, one focused on science, the other on the humanities. They are the CSC Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society. Our outstanding faculty are the stars of the world of ID scholarship, including  Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Ann Gauger, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, Jay Richards, Guillermo Gonzalez, Richard Sternberg, Paul Nelson, and John West.

Intelligent design is the cutting edge in biology — yet university biology and other science departments are behind the curve. For open-minded students (and a select group of professionals), Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminars are your opportunity to see the future of science!