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Darwinian Evolution…and Zombies

David Klinghoffer


What happens when scientific ideas that ought to be securely dead are kept alive, like zombies, for reasons having little to do with science? Coming on April 18, find out when Discovery Institute Press releases Zombie Science, by biologist Jonathan Wells.

See the trailer for the book by clicking here.

From Chapter 1:

Zombies are the walking dead. In science, a theory or image is dead when it doesn’t fit the evidence. I wrote a book in 2000 about ten images, ten “icons of evolution,” that did not fit the evidence and were empirically dead. They should have been buried, but they are still with us, haunting our science classrooms and stalking our children. They are part of what I call zombie science.

In Zombie Science, Dr. Wells updates his 2000 book Icons of Evolution by documenting and deconstructing six all-new icons and examining “how zombie science has spread beyond science to religion and education, and how it continues to corrupt science generally.”

Yes, in case you wondered, it’s no coincidence that the book launches four days before the ballyhooed March for Science, which sounds like it might, more accurately, be a March for Zombie Science.