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Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, a “Game Changer” — Deadline to Apply Just a Week Away!

The deadline to apply for our Summer Seminars, July 7 to 15 in Seattle, will soon be upon us: That’s Tuesday, April 4, 2017. More information and our online application are here. As a 2016 participant reflected afterward:

This program is a game changer for me and my academic interests. I was educated, inspired, and challenged all at the same time. It filled a huge gap in my understanding.

The Summer Seminars are where we give students (undergrads and graduates) an introduction to the science and meaning of intelligent design that they almost certainly cannot get at their home university or college. Training the next generation of ID scholars is likely the most important things we do at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. Students come from around the world, and the physical location can’t be beat: nine gorgeous summer days in the Pacific Northwest.

Applying isn’t hard, there are tracks in the sciences and humanities, and scholarships are available. Apply now, or help us spread the word to students!

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