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Summer in Seattle with Meyer, Sternberg, Axe, and More — Don’t Miss the Deadline for Seminars on ID!

Stephen Meyer

The reviews we get back each year after the Summer Seminars are fantastic. And that’s no wonder given the caliber of the faculty (Meyer, Sternberg, Axe, Gauger, Wells, Nelson, West, Smith, and more) and of the students. Conversations with other participants are a special highlight of these nine days, July 7 to 15, this year in Seattle.

But bear in mind, the deadline to apply is next Tuesday, April 4! The countdown is on.

John West

From a 2016 student, already a post-graduate in biology:

To summarize, this experience allowed me to return to graduate school for one week. The depth of study, the depth of conversation, the importance of the issues, and frankly the sacrifice by others in my family were all worth it. I have been transformed from someone who would shy away from conversations with my colleagues in the biology department because of my beliefs, into someone who will discuss the science with them (comfortably, now) and will be able to ask simple yet pointed questions. You have filled in my biological blind spots. And you have created new branches of knowledge for me to explore in psychology, ethics, and artificial intelligence. Likewise, you have allowed me to meet and become close to new friends from all over the world — Singapore, China, Korea, Brazil, Australia, Ghana, Italy, Mexico, Norway, the U.K., Canada, Pakistan, and many states in the U.S. Wow! Thank you SO MUCH!

For in-depth coverage over of the science behind intelligent design, there’s no substitute anywhere in the world for our Summer Seminars. For upper division undergrads and graduate students in the sciences and humanities — this is the science your professors won’t share with you!

Wesley Smith

There are tracks in science and humanities — the CSC Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences, and the C.S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society.

Find more information here, where you will also find the online application. While selective, applying in not difficult and scholarships are available. This is how we will transform the study of biology in the next generation!

Photos: Stephen Meyer, John G. West, Wesley J. Smith, by Janine Solfelt.