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Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design — Application Deadline Is Just Three Weeks Away!

2017 Summer Seminar

Applying for Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design is not daunting. However the deadline is coming up fast — April 4, 2017! So don’t delay.

Running from July 7 to 15 in Seattle, the Seminars consist of two tracks, one emphasizing science, the other the humanities. Both are aimed primarily at upper-division undergrads and graduate students, with a few spaces for post-graduate professionals. More information is here. You may direct questions to us at

Offered by the Center for Science & Culture, the Summer Seminars are a fantastic opportunity to meet and study with the luminaries in the world of ID research — Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Ann Gauger, Richard Sternberg, John West, Paul Nelson, Robert Marks, Scott Minnich, Jay Richards, and more.

For university students, this is likely your only chance to examine the evidence for design in a rigorous and objective classroom setting. Our Summer Seminars are the science your professors don’t want you to hear about! Scholarships are available, covering travel, room, board, and course materials. You’ll meet a diverse group of fellow students from around the world, while enjoying the lovely summertime weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

We are seeding the next generation of ID scientists. It may be the single most important thing we do each year at Discovery Institute.

Apply now, and if you’re not a student, please help us get out the word by sharing this widely!

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