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A Peacock Cries as Zombie Science Celebrates Book Release

Rachel Adams

Over a hundred people joined us for a book party Tuesday evening celebrating the release of Jonathan Wells’s Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution. The event was hosted at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. As the sun prepared to set, a peacock’s cry could occasionally be heard.

The opening cake reception was followed by a talk by Dr. Wells about the themes of his newest book. Attendees got a chance to learn some more personal facts and stories about him. And Jonathan discussed some of the scientific advances made since his 2000 book, Icons of Evolution.

During the Q&A with CSC Associate Director John West, one audience member asked if his perception was true that ID research is actively ongoing outside the United States, and Wells got to share about some of the exciting advances in that work overseas. He also talked about his experience at ID Education Day just a few weeks ago and how encouraged he is when he interacts with students who are excited about the subject.

With his typical good nature and self-effacing humor, Wells recalled some of the nastier things that have been said to and about him over the years. After the talk, he signed books and chatted with the audience.

It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed celebrating Jonathan’s accomplishments including the new book. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to do so now!

Photo credit: Andrew McDiarmid.