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March for Science or March for Scientism? Discovery Institute Joins Heritage Foundation, April 19

As we’ve observed already (here and here), the April 22 March for Science seems set to be, despite the name, a march for conformity. Right there on on the National Mall and hundreds of other protest locations, the public is going to get an eyeful of how the trusted name of science has been weaponized to suppress legitimate debate.

We’ve been talking about that for years, but now it’s going to receive major media treatment, not least if, as seems quite possible, the event is marred by violence.

Against that backdrop, on April 19 Discovery Institute and Heritage Foundation will join forces for a provocative event in Washington, DC, “March for Science or March for Scientism? Understanding the Real Threats to Science in America.” Discovery’s Stephen Meyer, Jay Richards, and Wesley Smith will speak on a panel with Heritage Foundation policy analyst Katie Tubb, hosted by coalition relations director Jordan Hess.

The description hits the mark:

On April 22, thousands of demonstrators are expected to converge on the National Mall for a “March for Science.”  Although the March is officially being described as non-partisan and open to diverse views, many participants are using it as an opportunity to delegitimize scientific and policy disagreements over climate change, evolution, fossil fuels, and other issues.  At this event, a panel of experts will explore the real threats to good science in America, including the suppression of dissenting views, and the growing misuse of science as a club in the culture wars.

The venue is the Heritage Foundation’s Allison Auditorium, 214 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC. Time: 12 to 1:30 pm. The event will be streamed live online, but to attend in person you must RSVP. Go here to do so.

Photo credit: BlankBlankBlank via Flickr.