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Scientists and Scholars Team Up to Set Straight the March for Science

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The March for Science, slated for April 22, aka Earth Day, was supposedly conceived as a way to save science from its legions of alleged attackers. But, the march has devolved into a politicized, polarized, and science-dividing farce.

“Perhaps the key benefit of the March for Science is that so many of the activists who try to hide under the mantle of science are no longer hiding,” says Jay Richards, executive editor of The Stream. “This will allow Americans to see them for what they are: left wing ideologues.”

It’s quite clear that the March For Science is shamelessly misnamed. Science is about experiment, evidence, testing, free inquiry, and open debate. But rather than glorying in freewheeling scientific debate, the March organizers insist on conformity. The April 22 parade is in lockstep with the times on university campuses, where intellectual diversity is frowned upon and drowned out by screaming, sometimes violent young people.

So, The Stream and the Center for Science & Culture are teaming up the week ahead of the March to provide some crucial ballast.

From April 17-21, The Stream and the CSC will counter the March for Science’s hypocritical claims of openness and diversity with a series of essays from leading scientists and scholars. These include pieces from philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, political scientist John West, biologists Jonathan Wells and Douglas Axe, and bioethicist Wesley J. Smith.

“If anyone deserves to be labeled ‘anti-science,’ it is the March for Science organizers, whose purposes are more about promoting a particular brand of politics and ideology than they are about defending science itself,” says bioethicist Smith, who heads up Discovery’s Center on Human Uniqueness.

Rather than candidly acknowledge dissent among scientists, the media, together with the academic community, demand assent from the populace. And it isn’t just about global warming. It’s also about what Axe calls Darwinism’s “self-righteous monoculture,” or what Wells’s new book labels it “zombie science.”

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