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Watch Jonathan Wells Live Online as He Presents Zombie Science, Tuesday, April 18

If the icons of evolution were just innocent textbook errors, why do so many of them still persist? Find out when you tune into the live stream of Tuesday’s national book party for Zombie Science. Think of it as a sort of digital march for science that you can easily participate in.

Science has enriched our lives and led to countless discoveries. But now, Jonathan Wells argues, it’s being corrupted. Empirical science is devolving into zombie science, shuffling along unfazed by opposing evidence.

Wells will present his case against zombie science at a launch party in Seattle, and you can watch watch online at our Facebook page, at 7:30pm PDT, Tuesday, April 18. Please share this information with your friends and family and be sure to tune in!

Jonathan Wells has two PhD’s, is a prominent intelligent design scientist, and is famously the author of worldwide bestseller Icons of Evolution. Now he’s back with the new book Zombie Science. Keep up with Dr. Wells and his work by following him on Facebook.

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