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Stephen Meyer: Appeals to Evolution “Consensus” Undercut Scientific Methodology

David Klinghoffer

“Darwin’s public defenders,” as Stephen Meyers calls them – Nye, Dawkins, Krauss, & Co. – loudly contend that evolutionary theory has “no weaknesses,” is “undeniable,” enjoys the support of a scientific “consensus,” and therefore is questioned only by science “deniers.” In a presentation at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., ahead of last month’s March for Science, Dr. Meyer debunked these claims.

You can hear him now on a new ID the Future podcast episode. Download it here.

A significant point Meyer makes is that to invoke the idea of a “consensus” on evolution itself undercuts the scientific methodology. The latter entails spirited debate among scientists about competing hypotheses regarding how to interpret data. To shut the door on debate, as the Science Marchers would like to do, means shutting the door on science.

Photo: Stephen Meyer, courtesy of the Heritage Foundation.