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Watch Here Friday as Brazil’s Mackenzie University Launches Its New Center on Intelligent Design!

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We’ve already announced the launch on Friday, May 5, of Discovery Institute-Mackenzie by Brazil’s Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Not in Brazil? Not a problem – you can watch the inaugural ceremony by clicking on the image above.

The event will stream online at 7:30 pm in Brazil, which is 3:30 pm Pacific or 6:30 pm Eastern time in the United States.

Discovery Institute’s President Steve Buri will be on hand, along with Lehigh University biochemistry professor (and Center for Science & Culture Senior Fellow) Michael Behe; molecular biologist and Biologic Institute Director Douglas Axe; and physicist and CSC Research Coordinator Brian Miller.

Discovery Institute-Mackenzie is an interdisciplinary research center of the university that will foster scientific research into the evidence of intelligent design in nature as well as exploring the relationship between science and culture, including the relationship between science and faith.

Discovery Institute-Mackenzie is a joint project of Mackenzie University and the Brazilian Society of Intelligent Design, which is headed by research chemist Dr. Marcos Eberlin. See here for more information about this exciting development in the world of ID research.