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Westminster Conference Examines Evidence of Design in Life — Discovery Institute Is Well Represented

The past weekend’s annual Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, near Philadelphia, was an outstanding event. The nearly 400 enthusiastic attendees included many students, teachers, and a number of college faculty. Some came from as far away as Wisconsin, Florida, and Washington State. The theme of the conference was apt: “Undeniable: How Science Confirms that Life Is Designed.”

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Discovery Institute and Biologic Institute were both well represented. Douglas Axe and Jonathan Wells gave extended talks on their books – Undeniable and Zombie Science — followed by an extensive Q&A.

Brian Miller discussed the thermodynamics of life, and John West emceed the event as well as presenting a session on the survey data from a recent Center for Science & Culture report, “Darwin’s Corrosive Idea.”

Theologian Vern Poythress offered a theological context for the discussion, while his son, biologist Ransom Poythress, gave a fascinating talk about the ways human inventions mirror design in nature.

The conference ended with a showing of a 20-minute excerpt from a forthcoming feature-length documentary on the life and ideas of Oxford University mathematician John Lennox. This was followed by a live video interview with Lennox from his home in England. The Lennox documentary is produced by the Pensmore Foundation and is slated for release either this Fall or early in 2018. This was the first public screening of an extended preview of the documentary.

Photos, from top: Jonathan Wells, Douglas Axe, Brian Miller, John West, John Lennox (by live video feed), by Janine Solfelt.