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Jonathan Wells: Zombie Science Keeps Pushing Junk DNA Myth

David Klinghoffer


The idea that a vast majority of our DNA is “junk,” an evolutionary relic, was just what evolutionists expected. It made sense. Darwin advocates such as Jerry Coyne and Francis Collins advanced it as proof for their claims. Alas for them, it turned out not to be true.

In a video conversation, Zombie Science author Jonathan Wells explains how the “Junk DNA” narrative was overturned by good science, including but far from limited to the ENCODE project. Did evolutionary diehards accept this? No! See it here:

If you follow the scientific literature, new functions for “junk” turn up on an almost weekly basis. But the diehards keep insisting on the myth. They strenuously resist a growing body of evidence. Why? Because as Dr. Wells clarifies, evolution for them is not an ordinary scientific theory. It’s a fixed idea. It is an ideology that must be true “no matter what.”

So how evidence is interpreted is wrenched into line with the ideology. And this is what we mean by “zombie science.” Watch and enjoy.