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Apple iPhone — A Naturally Occurring Object?

David Klinghoffer


I don’t want to overanalyze this — it’s humor, after all. But it is cute yet makes a serious point, not unlike Doug Axe’s in his current post on the naturally occurring adjustable wrench. From the satirical cite The Babylon Bee, which is basically The Onion reimagined quite cleverly by Christians:

The consensus is in: scientists from around the globe have confirmed that the Apple iPhone was not designed, but rather evolved naturally over billions of years.

The origins of the complex device have been the subject of scientific debate for many years, but Thursday’s announcement puts to bed any doubt that the early ancestors of the iPhone spontaneously generated in a swamp some 4.6 billion years ago.

“The current theory is that a small, single-cell pager device was formed from electronic parts floating in the ocean,” Dr. Rashad Shami of Harvard University told reporters. “The pager then figured out how to reproduce, and natural selection took care of the rest.”

Evidence of design, they explain, is an illusion. Rather than “result of intelligent designers,” the “appearance of design” is instead thanks to “happy accidents.”

Not always, but sometimes mockery is the fitting answering to dubious claims.

Photo credit: HeikoAL, via Pixabay.